Countdown to Constitution Day - 9/17/23

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Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

The 917 Society attended the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference at the Opryland Hotel on June 17th with The American Bible Project and Common Ground Network/Dr. Ming Wang.

Thank you to all that attended and helped. We gave out over 1000 Constitutions and info cards to potential donors and volunteers across the US. We heard amazing speakers and got to meet Dr. Alveda King, Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King and hear our 45th President Speak.

Those attending: Founders Club and Advisory Board Members Cathy and Dennis Kolb, Carol Hamby, Joni Bryan, Joni Hargrove, Stephen Skelton, Tommy Vallejos and helpers Krista and Khloe Kiepke and Dr. Wang’s Assistant Ella Morrisey.