Volunteer Stories and Notes

Our volunteers are very important to us.  They help us with SOOOO many things! We want to share on this page, the many ways for which our volunteers help us make a difference!


Thank you to Lillburn Womens Club of Georgia led by Ginnie Childers and Adela Salame-Alfie for partnering with The 917 Society and volunteering each year to reach the 8th graders at their schools to honor and celebrate Constitution Day!

Lilburn Women’s Club distributed almost 1900 copies to 8th graders!

“Dear Members of the 917 Society

Thank you very much for partnering with the Lilburn Woman’s Club to allow us to distribute almost 1900 copies of the US Constitution to the 8th graders in Lilburn.

The kids and the teachers really appreciate having their own copies & being able to celebrate Constitution Day.    Thanks again for your support! 

Adela Salame-Alfie, Ginnie Childers, Co-Chairs Lilburn Woman’s Club, Civic Engagement & Outreach Community Service Program.

 September 30, 2022″

“Martha” (aka, Diana Anderson ) and her faithful steed, “Tahoe” visited 16 schools, in Montgomery County, gifting 48 Constitution Week Posters and 400 Pocket Constitutions that were donated by the 917 society.

Diana Anderson, a member and past Regent of the Captain William Edmiston Chapter, NSDAR in Clarksville, dedicated her time to become Martha Washington and travel to every school in Montgomery County to gift 3 posters on behalf of her NSDAR Chapter and distributed the 400 Pocket Constitutions to the schools.  Thank you, Diana, for being a 917 Society volunteer!!!

In honor of our Constitution Day celebration, Moms for Liberty – Kenosha County, WI partnered with The 917 Society – Non-Profit to deliver pocket U.S. Constitutions to 8th grade classes throughout Kenosha County.

“I love the idea of our young people having this sacred recipe for freedom on hand and ready to use.  Thank you to all who helped coordinate this effort!”

Orders are continuing to come in from MOMS FOR LIBERTY!  We have recently received request for the following:

  • Heather Peterson of Brevard County Florida requested 10 more boxes. They donated $400 to cover shipping.  They previously distributed 2000.
  • Stephanie Mojica, Stafford Virginia requested 500 more and donated to help with shipping. 
  • Jackie Best, Hamburg New York has requested 6 boxes





What an AMAZING group of Volunteers at The 917 Society helping to pack and ship Pocket Constitutions to go to our 8th grade students across America. We now have schools located in each of our 50 states using our program. Join the movement to put our Founding Documents into the hands of our youth to honor Constitution Day!  We began at 9:00 am and finished by lunch with this Troupe of Patriots! Now we ship them out to reach our nation of 8th graders!

The 917 Society Pocket Constitutions were delivered to the YAIPAK Outreach Warehouse in Clarksville.

Thank you, Sherry Nicholson and your Team, at YAIPAK Outreach for your help and Advisory Board Member Tommy Vallejos for connecting us! 

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