Countdown to Constitution Day - 9/17/23

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2021, 2022

Church International/ Robin D. and Robin R. Bullock

The 917 Society welcomes to the Presidential Founders Club Church International.  Led by Prophet Robin D. Bullock and Pastor Robin R. Bullock, Church International is located in Warrior, Alabama, which is near Birmingham.

Church International was founded by Robin D. Bullock and Robin R. Bullock. Serving in full-time ministry for over 30 years, Robin R. Bullock is truly a called Pastor whose teaching is directed of the Lord.

Robin D. Bullock has a unique way of teaching The Word of God and flowing in the prophetic river through music.

Their family is not just a ministering family, but a family of ministry! Returning to Warrior, Alabama, Robin and Robin opened Youth Force & Church International.

Robin and Robin are also the founders of “Over the Top Bible College:” which brings a curriculum designed for Bible students who desire an in-depth study of the topics of Foundation, Consecration, and Revelation. Visit the Church International website here.