Countdown to Constitution Day - 9/17/23

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Jennifer Hamblin

The 917 Society welcomes Jennifer Hamblin to the Founders Club.

Jennifer loves to share her story of how she was reared in a Christian, Conservative home where it was instilled into her that life’s steps were GOD – FAMILY – COUNTRY.  She and her siblings were taught that you Kneel for God & Stand for our Nation’s Flag. Growing up, Jennifer’s Father was not only a Tennessee educator, but a Gospel Minister as well.  She reflects fondly on the foundation that her parents supplied for education and God’s Law.  Two of her favorite quotes were developed and learned in her home and school years, and she still abides by them today, Our Preamble and Philippians 4:13.

A graduate of Lipscomb University, Jennifer has been honored to serve as an elected GOP county chairman and vice chairman, plus a Tennessee school board member.  She and her father were the first father-daughter team to serve on different Tennessee school boards at the same time.  For two decades, she has been a dedicated education, autism, and conservative political advocate. She was honored to be asked to serve, via the Tennessee House Speaker, for the Tennessee Standards Recommendation Committee for Tennessee schools science standards.  Additionally, she serves proudly on other boards to stand for the rights of our children, and our Founding Fathers’ values.

Jennifer has always believed that it is people working together that make a difference.  Today, she shares that sentiment daily via her advisory position with   Moreover, Jennifer believes that it takes a team to help teach everyone about the strength, power, and guide of our United States Constitution, especially our children.

Jennifer resides in Pleasant View with her husband Steve.  They are the proud parents of twodaughters.