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2020, 2021, 2022

John and Kyong Dawson

The 917 Society announces new Founders Club Member John W. Dawson. John began his U.S. Army military service in 1987 as an AH-1 Cobra repairman, transitioning to H-60 Black Hawk’s in 1992. Along a wonderful military career, John met his lovely wife, Kyong during his assignment to South Korea, being married in December of 1990. There their family was started and grew over the years with two wonderful children, that are now veterans themselves, living their dreams along the way. Over the next 20 years of military service, John served in numerous roles from team member to leader, all the time learning how most importantly to be a role model for all that he interacted with along the way. Being deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia (1994) and Iraq (2005), has instilled a true understanding of what family and our nation represent as a whole. In June of 2007, John and his family found it time to retire from the U.S. Army, being a native of Tennessee, Clarksville appeared to be a likely choice.

After military retirement, John worked for a period of time in Nashville on private aircraft as a certified Airframe and Powerplant technician, eventually taking on a position in Huntsville, AL as a Logistics Senior Technical Analyst on military weapon systems; evaluating personnel requirements, budgets, and acquisitions necessities. As he learned and interacted, John’s dedication proved to be an asset to the company and the customers in which they served, allowing him to become Project Manager for the Life-Cycle Analysis Department, where he served for the next 11.5 years. John currently holds a degree in Aviation Maintenance, Airframe and Powerplant Certification from the Federal Aviation Admiration, and is currently working on a Bachelor of Science degree in “Law and Policy” from Liberty University.

John finds dedication and honor to be very important in everything he takes on in life, from family to the jobs that are presented each and every day. This will be John and Kyong’s 30 year anniversary this year and they continue to love each other as much today as the day they met. John continues to serve his veteran brethren and the community through the Disabled American Veteran (DAV) organization and the church in which they attend. John also serves on the Montgomery County TN Republican Executive Committee. He and his wife both look forward to serving God, each other, the state of Tennessee and their community for years to